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Alliance Tournament XIX – Wraps up this weekend!

2023-08-18 - By EVE ONLINE TEAM

The final weekend of Alliance Tournament XIX is almost here!

32 Alliances entered the Tournament and, after an absolute bloodbath, with the loss of 11 flagships with an estimated value of between 600-700 billion ISK! After some truly epic matches we have to say goodbye to the following Alliances from the tournament.


A Band Apart

Paper Numbers

Brave Collective

Plug N Play

Bright Side of Death

Rote Kapelle

Deepwater Hooligans

Rusty Hyenas Clan


Snuffed Out

Goonswarm Federation

The Ancients

Hole Control

White Squall

We thank them for their efforts and wish them good luck in future tournaments!

This leaves us with 18 teams, of which, 16 still have the power of their Flagships.

Remaining Teams



Templis CALSF

Boundary Experts


The Tuskers Co


No Vacancies

Till Doomsday


Odins Call (Minus their flagship!)

TRUTH. HONOUR. LIGHT. (Minus their flagship!)


Pandemic Horde



Platinum Sensitivity

White Flag.

Careful planning and precise execution by these teams could result in us seeing many new names finish in the top 16 this year.

The first weekend's videos are also up on our YouTube channel now as well and have been added to our Alliance Tournament playlist:

Community highlights:

There were also a couple of highlight posts in the community too - Over on Reddit user u/Ackbad_P constructed a rundown of Day 2 specifically when we saw the largest portion of Flagship losses and teams eliminated that we'd recommend checking it out!

Gh0stie Gaming

EVE Partner Gh0stie Gaming also reviewed a few of the matches across both days with tournament commentator Chad Flame and additional pilots from participating, granting us a rare perspective view of the team pov and comms during a match.

FC Chat with Pandoralica

CSM representative Pando, hosting his regular FC chat show was joined by tournament veteran StarfleetCommander as well, who also gave some insight into the Alliance Tournament and his input on the tournament scene in general.

Information on this weekend's action

Over on the new Alliance Tournament page, you can also see the breakdown of this year's teams and the number of games each team has won or lost.

You can also find the breakdown of the brackets on the page if you are curious as to the possible outcomes of the tournament as well as the broadcast schedule. Currently, we go live each day this weekend on the CCP Twitch channel at around 14:45 UTC, with the first matches kicking off at 15:00 UTC.

Over on the EVE Online Discord you can fly your colors in support of a participating alliance. Under the "Alliance Tournament" subcategory you can find a channel called "#at-team-logos" granting you the ability to put the logo of the alliance you think might win next to your name in support. But be careful, once the selected team is eliminated from the Tournament, the logo will be substituted with a red L!

Also as a final reminder if you're tuning in to matches this weekend, don't forget to link up your Twitch account as Twitch drops were also announced earlier in the week. All you need to do is sign up, then watch for various durations and rewards will be added to your redeem queue after your next start up of EVE Online!

See you in the arena.


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