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Alliance Tournaments and EveTV

2006-06-15 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

Hello, my name is LeMonde and I joined the content department in early 2005. So far I have been responsible for bringing you the titan event, the riddle competition and the first alliance PVP tournament, as well as a hand in a number of agent missions and other content.

At the end of last year, we held the first Alliance PVP tournament. It was an amazing success and spawned a lot of interest within the community. The DJ’s of Eve-Radio covered the entire event, bringing the action right into your headphones.

In February, we decided we would do it again, only with more grandeur, more contestants and more preparation. Since then the project has moved forward at a steady phase, and we are now one week into the two-week sign-up period. We hope this tournament will be bigger and better than the last, and you will truly enjoy fighting, watching, filming or following the event. More information can be found here.

The idea for bringing the action straight to your monitor was brought up not too long ago, and since then we have been co-operating with Eve-Radio in creating what has been dubbed EveTV. As far as I know, no gaming company has ever attempted anything like this before.

During the championships, we are planning to do a live broadcast. Turning our main meeting room into a studio, bringing the talent and expertise of Eve-Radio and combining it with a lot of fighting, this will hopefully create something every Eve player will enjoy watching. The planned time on-air is four to eight hours a day for all six days of the tournament.

Now, the reason I bolded the word ‘planning’ is because of all the hurdles one must pass for such a large production to go smoothly. From setting up the studio and filming the commentators to bringing the stream unharmed to the user takes quite a bit of work and dedication.

Our biggest enemy here is bandwidth. The costs associated with delivering a high-quality stream are tremendous, and it’s really up to you whether we decide to go through with this. We could bring you a crappy low-quality stream, which would deliver bad picture/sound quality, or we could go with the high-quality stream which would make everything much smoother.

The questions I want to ask you are these:

Would you mind paying a price of around $8-12 to view a high-quality stream for the entire duration of the tournament?
Would you rather have a low-quality stream for free?
Do you like boobies?

Based on your answers, we will make our decisions. This is something we really want to see happen, but only if you guys (and girls) do too.