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Alliances Band Together To Bring Down Capital Ship Production Outfit

2006-04-05 - By Svarthol

PURE BLIND. Shortly after the announcement by TRUST regarding their production and delivery of the very first Mothership-class vessel in private hands, the Band of Brothers alliance declared that it would be attacking the conglomerate’s Outpost in EC-P8R.
Mustering what is possibly the largest allied pod-pilot fleet, composed of Ascendant Frontier, Axiom Empire, Band of Brothers, The Five and The Forsaken Empire pilots, they removed all defenses in that system, claiming the Outpost for their own. The task involved taking down no less then thirty-six Starbases in less then a week, the final one having been destroyed yesterday morning.

The military campaign started last Friday as the large force moved into the EC-P8R system. The number of pilots in the fleet numbered over six hundred, all capsule-cleared pilots, forty of which were Capital ships, mostly Dreadnoughts. After securing the system, an act that took less then a few hours, a cynosural field was created. The Capital ships were brought in and wasted no time in assaulting the Starbases that TRUST had put up to secure the system's sovereignty. Interstellar Correspondents on location have captured the following footage.

The reason for the attack, according to the BoB alliance, is that they contested TRUST's neutrality. They claimed that one of their members, Omega Enterprises, is the industrial branch of Cataclysm Enterprises, a member of the G Alliance.
TRUST, however, still deny being G's industrial wing today and maintains its claim of political neutrality. Studi, CEO of Omega Enterprises, said that “Cataclysm Enterprises is only a customer,” and that both are separate entities, OE being “one of the oldest pod-pilot corporations.” According to Studi and Ovaron, CEO of The X-Trading Company, the invading forces were “scared that TRUST would sell Capital ships to their enemies.” To them, their attackers ignored the fact that “TRUST would sell to them as well.” Despite of this assault affecting the industrial conglomerate’s operations; the directorship was still open to negotiations, something BoB have never officially turned down. Their actions, however, speak for themselves.
TRUST deplored the fact that the invading parties were not open for discussions or dialogue of any kind.

TRUST’s close neighbours G Alliance also refuted all claims that TRUST would be their industrial branch. According to Cmd Woodlouse, a G senior official, the assault on the Outpost and Capital Shipyards in EC-P8R was mounted because the invading forces “think that G Alliance receives equipment and ships from Omega Enterprises free of charge.” This is a claim that he denied, stating that “CE buys equipment from OE and TRUST as any other corporation would.”

To the invading forces, progress has been very satisfying with the removal of TRUST’s sovereignty in the system, the subsequent capture of the Gallente Administrative Outpost and the final achievement; destruction of all starbases and Capital Ship yards in EC-P8R. The system, since last Friday, has remained in near-to-total lockdown by the besieging forces and will remain so for the foreseeable future.