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Amarr Empire announces capture of former Chamberlain

2008-12-23 - By Svarthol

The Imperial Throne this morning released a statement which claims Dochuta Karsoth, former Chamberlain of the Amarr Empire, has been apprehended.

According to the release, Karsoth, who defected from the Empire during the Elder invasion earlier this year, had been sheltered by Blood Raider allies in the time since. He was captured by elite Khanid squadrons during the aftermath of one of the Khanid’s attacks on Blood Raider holdings last Sunday. The building where the former chamberlain was being sheltered, a Blood Raider arms facility on a moon in the Anath system, was captured in the attack, and Karsoth himself apprehended elsewhere on the moon approximately 17 hours later.

The statement went on to express the Empress’s gratitude to King Khanid II. “He [Khanid] has done Amarr a great service,” it read. “Long shall be remembered this favor rendered at such a time of need, and generous in turn shall be the hand of Amarr.”

It is unknown at this time whether Royal Khanid Navy High Command had foreknowledge of the former chancellor’s whereabouts, but there is a good deal of speculation among experts that Sunday’s attacks may have been at least partially motivated by such information. Neither the Royal Khanid Navy nor the Royal Palace on Khanid have commented on these allegations thus far.

The announcement of Karsoth’s capture, meanwhile, has been met with mostly silent approval by the people of the Empire. “It should be no surprise that people aren’t dancing in the streets,” said Pyros Ram-Sotat, a popular director of Imperial indoctrination holoreels and frequent commentator on national affairs, in an interview this afternoon. “This man basically ran roughshod over the Empire, sullied its good name and left it wide open to defeat and humiliation. We don’t want to be reminded of him. We just want to see him gone.”

The Imperial Throne has announced that the Empress will give a special nationwide address on the afternoon of the 25th, where she is widely expected to make a comment on the matter.