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Amarr Tensions

2005-08-12 - By Svarthol

As tensions between the Khanid Kingdom and CONCORD rise, we are left wondering how the Amarrian people are taking this. One source within the Amarr Navy, one that wishes to remain anonymous, claims that tensions between individuals that believe in CONCORD’s leaked memorandum and those that don’t are the direct result of the lack of information forthcoming on Emperor Doriam II’s assassination.

The source, a fairly well-off officer, claims that certain factions within the Navy are less then happy with CONCORDS investigations, believing that the Empire itself is more then capable of taking care of their own.

“The Empire should not bow to the bureaucrats of CONCORD. For thousands of years we have been able to take care of our own problems. Regicide is a crime that should be treated with the utmost diligence and CONCORD’s interference makes a mockery of traditions started when some civilizations were still in their cradles. It is an insult to the Empire.”

Attempts to confirm this were met with harsh words. One private in the Navy, however, was willing to expound, also wishing to remain anonymous.

“I can’t believe Chamberlain Karsoth even allows outsiders to investigate this matter. It is an internal Imperial affair. This newly “leaked” memo changes nothing.”

Whatever the truth of the matter, it can only be blow to the ego of the Amarrians to have CONCORD investigate the assassination. To some, the leaked memorandum can only mean that they are not doing a very good job. Meanwhile, Amarrians, Khanid and the other Empires await further, official statements of the matter.