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An update on Customer Service ticket queue waiting times

2016-04-05 - By CCP Falcon

As a result of a number of unscheduled downtimes in the run up and during the switch to Tranquility Tech III, plus the longer than expected outage when the upgrades to Tranquility's hardware was undertaken, we are currently experiencing extremely high support ticket load.

Due to this, for non-critical issues our response time to support tickets has often exceeded 7-12 days, which is both far below the level of service we strive to provide and the level that we feel our players deserve.

With this in mind, in the next few hours all non-critical tickets will be sent a reply that gives further details and information on how players can assist us in reducing ticket load. If you currently have a support ticket open, please be sure to read this reply thoroughly if you receive it, and follow the instructions it contains.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these delays in ticket response have caused, and are working on every possible means to ensure that we return to the level of support that our players deserve.