Apocalypse Winners To Give Ship Back To Amarr Empire | EVE Online

Apocalypse Winners To Give Ship Back To Amarr Empire

2004-05-30 - By Svarthol

The Ionstar corporation, last week’s winners of the BIG Lottery’s Imperial Apocalypse, today announced their intention to release the “Impoc,” as it has become colloquially known, into the hands of the Amarr Navy.

According to a source inside the corporation, Ionstar’s board of directors is “well aware that the Empire wants it back badly. As we are loyal citizens of the Empire and would not appreciate the attention a ship of this immense stature would garner, we thought it best that it be returned to its original owner.”

The Apocalypse will be taken in a procession, starting at roughly 23:00 EVT, from an undisclosed Ionstar hangar in the Trigentia constellation to the Amarrian Throne Worlds, where it will be formally handed over to presiding Imperial Navy Chief of Staff Ravin Mehnih. In order to prevent the attention of undesirable elements during the journey, Amarr loyalist paramilitaries have reportedly been contacted by Ionstar agents to act as escorts for the journey.

Spokesmen from the Imperial Chancellor’s Office expressed relief at the news. “Of course we’re glad this fiasco is over. Obviously, the ship is one of our most prized creations and it belongs with its rightful owners. It gladdens the Emperor to see the loyalty his greatness has managed to inspire in his subjects.”