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Ardishapur pledges massive aid to Mandate

2009-04-18 - By Svarthol

Ardishapur Prime - The Ardishapur Family has unveiled a massive aid package and reconstruction plan to be implemented in the Ammatar Mandate. The package emulates the public works projects the Ardishapur Family instigated in its domains last year, initiatives that many point to as partial reasons Empress Jamyl I granted the Mandate to the Family.

Adreyi Ezion, the chief financial officer of the Family, announced the package in place of Heir Ardishapur, who Ezion stated "was indisposed with administrative matters relating to the Mandate." According to Ezion, the package will focus on projects that will "improve the quality of life for the citizens of the Mandate" and "bring the region up to par with the other regions of the Empire in terms of piety, learning, health, and economy."

The package calls for trillions of ISK to be spent on repairing civil damage caused by the Elder Fleet invasion; restructuring and rebuilding planetary roads and markets; increasing the number of public schools, hospitals, and churches; and improving the quality of services offered at those institutions. It is also expected to create millions of jobs in the Mandate, as available slave labor will be nowhere near enough to meet expected needs. Experts believe the package may be the largest ever initiated in the Empire in terms of money, manpower, and scope.

"This package will bring about an increased Amarrian spirit in the Mandate," Ezion read from a statement authored by Yonis Ardishapur. "The economic and spiritual prosperity of the Mandate is of vital importance to the future of the Amarr. No longer shall it be a neglected fringe of the Empire, but rather one of its most vital nodes."