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Ascendant Frontier To Divide Forces

2006-03-15 - By Svarthol

Several days ago, high-ranking Ascendant Frontier members were notified of an imminent split in their alliance as the Dirty Deeds Corporation, along with Eye of God, planned to start a new alliance that would claim the Impass region. An anonymous source with access to this information has put forth a summary, partly confirmed in a conversation with Steel Rat, ASCN Director.

Dirty Deeds Corp and Eye of God plan to present the inhabitants of Impass with two options: joining the new alliance or staying in Ascendant Frontier. According to the source, both alliances will remain friendly towards each other after the separation, retaining full access to each other's space and stations. Ascendant Frontier members who wish to operate in Impass are allowed to do this without joining the new alliance because of the positive standing between the two alliances.

Ascendant Frontier intends to invite more alliances into an agreement where members will protect each other from invasion. Among the possible candidates are the alliances KOS and Tribal Souls. At the same time, Ascendant Frontier will also seek to expand their membership after the departure of Dirty Deeds and Eye of God is finalised. The negotiations with these corporations started some time ago.

According to sources, several high-ranking members of the Ascendant Frontier believe that the split will make both alliances weaker and that the friendship won’t last.

“The enemies of ASCN will perceive this as a weakness, a crack in the structure," stated an ASCN director who wished to remain anonymous. "I think ... we're putting blood in the water, as it were, and we're going to feel it down the road."

"CYVOK and Steel Rat balanced each other out. The first was being too optimistic, the last just wants to kill anything that moves. Most of the industrial corporations that have powered ASCN are going to stay with Cyvok and DDC is going to lose a lot of that base. I think ... they're going to find out just how hard it is to sustain a huge empire like this without your industry being up to part."

Steel Rat, CEO of DDC, is positive that the two alliances will be able to work closely together without any problems and that people who expect ASCN and the DDC alliance to be weak will be surprised.

He stated: “I guess I should make it clear here, this change is not a hostile change. Cyvok and I both agree that we can work better together as separate entities than as one. It allows us both to grow and create what we feel is best for our alliances. We have our plans and goals still firmly in place. In many ways, we see this change as reaching those goals faster and now neither one is slowed down by the other.”

The new alliance is expected to be formally created before long.