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AT8 Day 1 - Video Replays, Reports, Stats and More

2010-06-06 - By Svarthol

The first day of qualifying for the 8th Alliance Tournament has come to an end.

Last year's alliance tournament saw the Rook dominate the tournament with 97 fielded across the entire three weekends. Second up was the Ishkur assault frigate with 78 being fielded.

Although it is only the first day of qualifying, it appears that the Drake is the ship of choice with 22 being fielded today alone. Surprisingly, 18 Dramiel faction frigates have been fielded already; tournament VII saw none of these ships fielded across all three weekends of fighting!

Strategic cruisers are once again a staple in these fights, and the Tengu dominates the selections. The Sleipnir seems to have a strong following this year as well; 17 were fielded today... the exact number fielded last year across the entire three weekends of the tournament.

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