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Atlas Continues Advance into Detorid

2009-06-06 - By Svarthol

New Eden, Detorid - A week into their assault on Detorid region residents, Atlas capsuleers continue moving deeper into the region as defenders scramble to slow the advance.

Jenden, of Legions of xXDEATHXx, is confident in their ability to hold the region: "We still hold the most of the key points in Detorid... as [long] as we have our key points under control losing a system or two is [not a problem]."

Atlas has also begun attacks on Red Alliance's rear lines, forcing them into a two front war. Banlish claims the attack is intended to measure Red Alliance's defences in Insmother. He says: "[Red Alliance should] wonder if going 'full out' against [Intrepid Crossing and Ethereal Dawn] is in their best interests."

Bapp, a Red Alliance capsuleer, tells us that Atlas has attacked their station system in Insmother. He believes that if Red Alliance does not leave Etherium Reach and return to defend, the station will be taken. He is concerned that if Red Alliance does leave Etherium Reach, it will leave Intrepid Crossing and Ethereal Dawn with "free hands to save their territory."

By spreading forces on several fronts, Atlas risks overstretching fighting assets which may slow its push to a crawl. Banlish believes that if Atlas loses it's momentum, the war could take a bad turn for them: "[Our opponents will] try to slow [us] down as much as possible... if [Red Alliance] and allies are able to 'kill' [Intrepid Crossing and Ethereal Dawn], then they will bring the full weight [of their forces] upon us!"

Interstellar Correspondents continues to monitor the situation in the region.

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