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ATLAS Deploys in Geminate

2009-12-22 - By Svarthol

Eurgrana, Metropolis - ATLAS is staging out of Eurgrana in a large-scale campaign to disrupt Widly Inappropriate's [WI.] operations in Geminate.

Last week, WI. intelligence officers reported the interception of an ATLAS internal communication with deployment instructions and plans for a full scale attack in Geminate. Just a few hours later WI. scouts reported 200+ ATLAS arriving in Eurgrana with carrier-class ships and support. Tomcat of Wildy Inappropriate. reported that "ATLAS is invading Geminate... WI. prepares its defence and awaits the upcoming action."

Asked to comment on the possibility of ATLAS invading Geminate, an anonymous source close to ATLAS reported that "ATLAS has not invaded anything, no sovereignty has been contested and what is happening is a large scale campaign to disrupt Wildly Innapropriate's home. If that changes time will tell."

Three major engagements took place last week since ATLAS has moved into the region:

  • Monday in AD5-B8 saw 160 ATLAS pilots battle a 240-strong WI., Majesta Empire [ME] and R.A.G.E. fleet that incursed into the ATLAS staging area. Following a protracted battle, ATLAS held the field.
  • Tuesday in the BND-16 outpost system, ATLAS anchored and onlined 3 sovereignty blockade units, with the intention of drawing an engagement. 260 ATLAS vessels with support from Cult of War [-COW-] and Gentlemen's Club [STRPR] clashed with some 390 WI., RAZOR [-RZR-], ME, Morsus Mihi [RAWR]. ATLAS once again held the field.
  • Wednesday in 39-DGG and 6RQ9-A, a roaming fleet of 260 ATLAS, -COW- and STRPR split up some 400 vessels from Wildly Inappropriate, -RZR-, ME and Morsus Mihi as they were trying to blockade ATLAS into a choke point. With their forces divided, Wildly Inappropriate's effort failed.

An anonymous source close to ATLAS says "So far they have had a very successful campaign" yet refutes the possibility of a full-scale invasion. "[They] have not engaged in any tangible sovereignty contest. Although BND-16 [was contested] it was to draw out a fight and when [it] was over they took down the sovereignty blockade units and left with them. There is no invasion of Geminate, simply a campaign against WI. to disrupt alliance activities."

Wildly Inappropriate. diplomat Meno Theaetetus reports "The AD5-B8 [engagement] was OK. ATLAS won on efficiency [but it] was a good fight I think." ["Efficiency" refers to the ratio of ships killed to ships lost in terms of ISK value.] The two other engagements were considered unfortunate by the WI. diplomat due to uncontrollable spatial anomalies that proved highly detrimental to their fleet. "...Moving [large fleets] around [is] impossible... a defending alliance [cannot] realise when they are going to be attacked, therefore [pre-engagement planning] is not possible."

Captain Theaetetus went on to state "Nothing of significance has been hit as of yet, WI. has not lost any sovereignty, not even a [tower], we think they just want [engagements]. WI. is looking forward to the coming weeks."

Meanwhile, the smaller alliances operating in the area strive to make the most of new developments. "The market really picked up, and we get more pirates to kill. There were more people in Eurgrana than in Rens the other day." The Coalition and the smaller alliances feel that "[ATLAS] are a welcome sight in Geminate. Some are understandably concerned about ATLAS presence in the area and are seeking blue standings to defend themselves." Their long-term goals remain the same: "To create and maintain an environment in which smaller alliances can enjoy [a nullsec presence]"; particularly "when WI. are removed from [Geminate] space."

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