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ATLAS Deploys in Providence

2010-02-28 - By Svarthol

KBP7-G, Providence - Atlas Alliance reinforced two Sev3rance [-7-] industrial structures in the KBP7-G system in what was declared as the first move in the full scale deployment to the Providence region.

"We are here to burn down Providence just like we did with Geminate" commented Tzuko1, an Atlas pilot, as the fleet engaged the second tower in the system. This is now a full scale deployment that started with just roaming gang participation in a similar manner to the previous Atlas deployment in the Geminate conflict. "We are looking for good fights" he added, again denying any interest in full territorial control: "We will split it to renters, Against ALL Authorities [AAA] and some other entities, in territory terms we are looking for moons."

Asked to describe the outcome of these engagements Tzuko1 stated that besides the reinforcement of the two industrial structures, opposing casualties were counted as around 30 battleship class vessels and about the same number of support ships.

An anonymous source close to Sev3rance considered the moon resources as a "prepared argument to cover the real reasons for coming to our space. There are no juicy moons in this region or any nice minerals in the belts. You do not come to Providence because of the profit the systems give you by default. I think in their position as servants to AAA and the southern bloc, they will for sure take part in larger scale operations in this space... The real movements will be made soon and we will see what the complete plan of the southern bloc is like. At this moment it looks like [it is focused on] cutting off all exits in this region... It is motivated by AAA... There is for sure a plan... and ATLAS will have to play a part in this or is doing this as part of their relationship... this Drake fleet reinforced two industrial [towers] and nothing else... I'm looking forward to good fights."

EvilPHish of Cold Steel Alliance [STEEL] affirmed his alliance's commitment to their relationship with Sev3rance and willingness to do everything possible to aid in any possible way. "Sev3rance is like a sister alliance to us. STEEL and -7- go way back to the times when we were both helping Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] drive Ushra'Khan from Northern Providence. It's pretty obvious AAA got its... allies into the [conflict]. We will stay to fight until and beyond our last system if need be."

CVA Executor Aralis commented that the situation was "pretty obvious" since "people like ATLAS do not come for good fights" and affirmed his belief that this move by ATLAS results from their relationship with AAA and is part of the greater offensive in Providence. "They think we are busy and they hope for some easy kills."

GalNet References

Sev3rance Alliance Battle Records - KBP7-G
ATLAS Alliance Battle Records - KBP7-G

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