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Attacks in Yulai - Stargate malfunction

2003-12-29 - By Svarthol

The Yulai system is a high-security area and should be safe for general travel. That has unfortunately not been the case, with players getting killed right by the gate to Amarr, without sentry gun response.

This is only possible by abusing the so called "Grid Bug", which the attackers are clearly doing to rack up their kills. The players who have been attacking and killing others in Yulai and Amarr should hereby consider themselves warned that should they persist using this exploit, the guilty parties can expect repercussions, which may include warnings and bans.

Those who have lost their ships due to player attacks by the Yulai>Amarr gate, please contact us through the support website // with all relevant details.

Also note that this problem extends to the auto pilot not being able to approach the gate from certain angles. It is therefore necessary to turn the autopilot off and manually approach the gate by double clicking close to it to circumvent the problem.

Thank you.