Attention trial users: Helpful information and tips contained within! | EVE Online

Attention trial users: Helpful information and tips contained within!

2014-01-31 - By CCP Gargant

When flying your first AU's in New Eden, it is good to know where valuable information is readily available to you. If you ever feel lost or confused, fret not! Below are some very good sources of information, and communities of other players:

First off, you will have three open chat channels when you first create your character. Whenever one of the channels is highlighted, it means you have unread messages there.

  • The local tab is your local channel. It contains all other players that are in your current system, so don't be afraid to talk there when taking your first steps and requesting assistance as required.
  • The corp tab is your Rookie Corporation Chat. Rest assured that this channel is filled with new players just like yourself, so chat away!
  • The last tab is the Rookie Help channel. That is absolutely the place to seek assistance and ask questions!

If you ever lose one of these channels, don't worry. You can click the little chat bubble and find them there, most notably the help channels under the Help category. Otherwise they will be at the top of your menu, on the left side of your screen.

The EVE Online Community Team have been running New Player Training Sessions (NPTS) specifically targeted at players that would like to know as much about specific features as possible. If you wish to know more, they are available on the EVElopedia. The EVElopedia is also an excellent source of information for other matters. If you want, you can also join the New Player Training Sessions chat channel in-game, by clicking the chat bubble and typing in the name of the channel.

Check out the official EVE Online New Pilot FAQ for a boiled down explanation of many basic points, what to expect, and how to attain it.

Lastly, there is no better source of experience and help than the existing players. Remember that this is a single-shard server, which means everyone plays on the same server. Notable places to check are the EVE subreddit, the New Citizens Q&A forum on the EVE Online forums, and the EVE University Wiki. If you have a Twitter account, you can see what clever things the other players are saying by watching #eveonline and #tweetfleet.

EVE Online is a terrific game full of wonderful people. Go join them; but most importantly of all, have fun doing so.