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ATXVI - Prizes Issued For Second Weekend Predictions!

2018-08-06 - By CCP Falcon

The second weekend of Alliance Tournament XVI is complete, and we've seen another set of incredible matches.

Over the course of the weekend, our friends over at Plus 10 Gaming hosted a contest for viewers to predict the winner of each match.

A winner was selected for each match from all those pilots who predicted the result correctly. The prize for each winner - 500 PLEX, sponsored by CCP.

These prizes for the the second weekend have now been delivered, and each of the pilots listed below will find their 500 PLEX conveniently placed in their PLEX Vault.

Be sure to tune in for weekend three and make your predictions again for the chance to win, as teams return to fight it out in order to see who'll take the most coveted title in New Eden - Alliance Tournament Champions.

Broadcasting resumes this Saturday, August 11th, at 12:45 UTC on the CCP Twitch channel, with the first match kicking off at 13:00 UTC!

Full schedule details can be found in the Alliance Tournament XVI megablog!

This weekend's winners:

  • Aleister Olacar
  • Barney Treetho
  • bo udica
  • Deadlytower Coman
  • Eleionomae
  • Erwin Madelung
  • Estabrooke Cumberland
  • Ichix
  • Jake Omnartum
  • janet 4
  • Jangno
  • Lardeur
  • Laura Tachini
  • Lelia Gengod
  • Linz Roin
  • Magnus Carrell
  • Marcelo I
  • Marwen Adama
  • Menessa Khashour
  • Nikolas Calypso
  • Nyx Aeon
  • Random Citizen10
  • Rokh Hard
  • Scassany Maricadie
  • Sira Fiinikkusu
  • Sokar Herra
  • Thor Kalden
  • Tuddernator
  • UBG OnePointOh
  • Voxdey Pahineh
  • Wolden Radek