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August Release - Deployment Postponed By One Week

2018-08-13 - By CCP Falcon

Due to the need for additional testing, the deployment of the August release has been pushed back by one week from August 14th, to August 21st.

This means that both the August release and the "Secrets of the Abyss" event will now launch on the same day, next Tuesday.

The change in release date has been reflected on EVE Updates, and the patch notes have been unpublished temporarily, as they may need to be edited before the release is deployed next week.

More information on the status of the August Release will be available this Friday with new deployment information.

We apologise for the delay in deploying this release, however we feel that additional testing is needed to ensure that Tranquility is patched without issue and the release is deployed smoothly.

If you'd like to discuss this announcement, please do so in this forum thread.