Awakening Zarzakh – Aid the Deathless | EVE Online

Awakening Zarzakh – Aid the Deathless

2023-09-28 - By EVE Online Team

Chaotic capsuleers,

Zarzakh has been waiting, and the gates have now been opened! This mysterious and ancient star system - accessed via the Jovian gates in the Turnur, Alsavoinon, H-PA29, and G-0Q86 solar systems - is controlled by the Deathless Circle, with their Angel Cartel and Guristas pirate allies granted sanctuary within. However, from deep inside the enormous Jovian station called “The Fulcrum” where he resides, The Deathless needs capsuleer assistance to bring this mammoth station’s power back up to full operating potential. 

Between now and 14 November, to aid the Deathless Circle in their endeavor, you will need raid specific wormhole sites to collect resources and return them to Zarzakh where you will be rewarded with pirate Loyalty Point tokens.

Manufacture coalesced elements from blueprints and individual elements that drop in Drifter Hive wormhole sites, and collect Element Containment Vessels from Sleeper relic sites in standard wormholes, plus Element Control Data from Sleeper data sites, then return one of each to The Fulcrum in Zarzakh in exchange for a single pirate LP token. These LP tokens can then be traded in at existing Angel Cartel and Guristas LP stores for blueprint copies of the new Angel Cartel Mekubal-class destroyer and Guristas Mamba-class destroyer. 

To get your hands on these ships before the Havoc expansion launches on 14 November, and to start helping The Deathless unlock the secrets of Zarzakh and inflict chaos on the frontlines, get exploring and raiding to collect those essential materials!