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Bank of Luminaire Delivers 'Health of the Nation' Report

2007-11-14 - By Svarthol

The Bank of Luminaire yesterday released its much-anticipated report into the economic 'health of the nation', as termed by an ever-growing number of media sources. This report has been much hyped within the Federation by both the media and politicians, drawing much attention to divided opinions on the stability of the nations sustained economic growth. Given the attention lavished on the subject in the run up to publishing the report the extensive analysis of its contents has come as little surprise.

While many voices have been eager to point out the continued successes of Gallente industry in recent months, many of the good news stories have been overshadowed by a string of alleged potential crises looming on the horizon. In depth analysis of the report has drawn attention to irregularities and speculations of brewing trouble at no less than three of the Federation's major economic establishments.

The first story to break has been that of Combined Harvest, the largest food producer within Federation borders. In recent years Combined Harvest have been known to pursue an aggressive investment policy to massively expand their production capacities. The rationale provided by Combined Harvest spokespersons at the time was that the company was moving to claim a larger market share of domestic food production in the wake of a booming population. It now appears however that Combined Harvest's predicted growth may have been overly optimistic. Competing against Amarrian imports is suggested to have proven more difficult than expected, thus leaving Combined Harvest with a surplus in production and a potentially failing investment.

This story was closely followed by a revelation springing forth from a technology sector analyst who claims to have uncovered a 'significant' discrepancy in the public accounts of CreoDron, the famous remote drone manufacturer. This story has been picked up by the majority of financial media networks across the Federation and has led to wild theory following stern accusation that CreoDron are hiding an embarrassment from both the public and their investors. There is as yet no firm information available other than the original analysts findings indicating that; "The numbers [in the public accounts] simply don't add up.". Conjecture abounds as to what the truth behind the numbers may be but as yet CreoDron remain tight-lipped and have declined comment.

Perhaps as a result of these two high profile embarrassments of leading Federation companies, the eye of critics has begun to turn towards the Garoun Investment bank. Pundits have begun to question investment practices of Garoun claiming that the bank has been reckless with it's recent investments into 'risky' enterprises that could easily fail should the economy indeed begin to slow. Further speculation has sprung up drawing links between loans and invested monies in both Combined Harvest and CreoDron and the possible failing of both ventures.

While hard fact can be difficult to find amongst widespread speculation the uproar has thus far all but drowned out the many claims of sustained economic growth in many industry sectors. As one pundit is quoted; "Is this just a blip or the first symptoms of the economic boom loosing its thunder? I sure can't call it yet.".