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BIG Lottery participation sharply down following portal outage

2009-01-02 - By Svarthol

FRICOURE - BIG Lottery has announced a new portal address following a week of technical difficulties with their previous supplier. The outage heavily impacted BIG Lottery participation numbers, which have fallen to half their normal levels.

When asked if the portal downtime has impacted confidence in the lottery TornSoul, CEO of the BIG Corporation, commented: "I'm pretty confident it hasn't affected confidence at all - It's more a case of uncertainty into what is going on. If people are uncertain - They tend to play it safe (not buying tickets)".

Participants in the lottery seem to agree with TornSoul's assessment of the situation. Amraphel Winterbane, a pilot who has played in the lottery for around 10 months, commented: "I still think that the people behind it do a good job. They did have problems due to the downtime. However, they also made the effort to resolve this fast."

Another participant, Matarella, agreed: "It was just a technical issue, as he said there was something with the server, so it was not a problem to wait one week more for the draw."

BIG Lottery has already had over 33,600 different pilots take part in draws so far, this combined with the trust that these pilots bestow on the company will no-doubt mean the lottery will rebound and continue to be successful in the future.

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