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Billionaire Killed in Murky Ransom Operation

2006-03-24 - By Svarthol

TAISY. Newcomer to the capsuleer community and billionaire Sid Cops was recently ransomed and killed by rogue corporation Total Ransom.
What sets this incident apart is the sum paid by the victim, which totalled 2000 million ISK.

It would seem Mr. Cops was visiting relatives in Caldari space, when he was caught in his Deimos by the pirates, who first ransomed him, and once paid, swiftly destroyed the ship and the capsule. Help did arrive, but too late to prevent the payoff and ensuing destruction.

When confronted about breaking the pirate’s code of honour, the CEO of Total Ransom, John Dips argued that “He was actually working under contract,” and not pirating “in the strictest sense of the term.” Rival outlaw corporations were quick to condemn this perjury, speaking of “unethical practices, even for pirates,” and “bad business practices.”

Sid Cops, who is now recovering from the loss of his original body and the subsequent clone-activation qualified the act as “barbaric and immoral, even by the depraved standards of the Caldari State.” When asked about the sum paid, Mr. Cops said that “it was his first, natural body,” and that it was “wrong for anyone to be forced to be separated from their body.” He then deplored the fact that “he couldn’t even recover his birthright and unique gift from nature.”

However, when told about a possible contract on him, Mr. Cops preferred to remain silent, and asked for the reporters to leave when rumours concerning his wealth were brought up.

CONCORD has indicated that it has opened an investigation on Sid Cops and that it will be collaborating with the local Police on the incident in Taisy.