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Blog Recap for 13-27 April

2007-04-27 - By Svarthol

It has been a busy couple weeks for Dev Blogs, with nine having been published in the past ten days. Since the blogs have been coming in such a rapid fashion, it is possible the older blogs may have been overlooked by some of the community. This recap is posted in an effort to address that potential oversight.

  • Code Monkey's blog addressed changes to Freighters, lag, Starbases, War Costs and much more. Some of these changes were implimented in the recent Revelations 1.4.2 patch, others are slated for this year's Revelations II deployment.
  • Chronotis makes an introduction from the Game Cell department and gives the community a look behind the scenes at the CCP office.
  • Oveur is the Captain of this ship called EVE. His first of two blogs, he shares some personal thoughts, as well as a general road map of EVE's past few months and her future. If you want to know where EVE is going, this is the blog to check out.
  • Tanis chimes in with a blog from his desk in the QA department. Part introduction, part QA process, part a call for assistance, if you want to do your part to help improve EVE, give this a read.
  • In his second blog during this time frame, Oveur goes into further detail about troubleshooting performance, improvements and more.
  • Always a blogger that generates heated debate, Tuxford's blog on heat and the anti-blob is worth a read if you are into PvP and/or fleet battles.
  • It has been a while since the last Alliance Tournament, Eris' blog concerns some discussion on rule changes for the next Tournament to be held later in the year.
  • Mephysto blogs about some of his new responsibilities and takes you behind the scenes into how changes go from concept to implimentation, a good read for anyone with an interest in QA.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Greyscale - CCP's new member of the Content team makes a brief introduction before going into the details behind the Exploration system in his blog.

There you have it, eight authors, nine blogs, ten days.