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Boost Bundle Deals

2023-02-08 - By EVE Online Team

Skilful capsuleers,

Now is the time to accelerate and focus your skill training, with a pair of Boost Bundle deals exclusively available in the EVE Store.

Head to the EVE Store between now and 14 Feb, and you’ll find the Expert Boost Bundle available with 25% off the regular price. Containing 1,500,000 Skill Points and an Expert Cerebral Accelerator that grants pilots +10 to all attributes for 10 days, letting you get even more out of your newly acquired SP.

Also available until 14 Feb is the new time-limited Basic Boost Bundle. Containing 500,000 Skill Points, a Standard Cerebral Accelerator that grants a +4 increase to all attributes for 4 days, and 10 Daily Alpha Injectors. Daily Alpha Injectors each provide 50,000 Skill Points. Use Alpha Injectors to top up on critical skills as you journey through New Eden in pursuit of your goals.

The Basic Boost Bundle won't be around for long, so make sure to pick up yours before 14 Feb!