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Briefly about Kill Reports

2012-05-24 - By CCP Tuxford

Hi there, I’m Tuxford of Super Friends and I’m here to explain some changes we made to the kill API. In Inferno we added some more information and details to the kill reports. I apologize not letting you guys know in advance and hopefully minimal changes will be needed if something breaks for the various kill boards out there. On the flip side you can now present people with more accurate info gathered from kill reports.

There were a few things that changed about kill reports in Inferno, like the name. Apart from the spiffy new look in the client then we also added some information to them. That’s all well and good but it does change a bit of the data that you now get from the API.

The changes to the API are not really severe. The format did not change at all only some of the data in it. All that really changed for them was for fitted modules, we now specify the actual slot they were in. Also more carried items are now included in the kill report like stuff in the fuel bay and ship maintenance bay (as well as a lot of other hangars). Possibly some killboards are handling this correctly right now but some work might be needed. Probably people will have to know what flags go to what slots though so I'm going to provide a list of common flags:

  • High Slots : flags 27 to 34
  • Medium Slots : flags 19 to 26
  • Low Slots : flags 11 to 18
  • Rig Slots : flags 92 to 99
  • Sub Systems : 125 to 132 (note current ships only have subsystems ranging from 125 to 129
  • Quafe Bay: 154
  • Fuel Bay: 133
  • Ore Hold: 134
  • Gas Hold: 135
  • Mineral Hold: 136
  • Salvage Hold: 137
  • Ship Maintanance Bay: 138
  • Command Center Hold = 148
  • Planetary Commodities Hold:  149
  • Material Bay: 151

P.S. There was a problem with copying kill report within the client but that is now been changed so it should be identical to the old kill reports.

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