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Bring Out EVE’s Colors - Live now

2021-07-13 - By EVE Online Team

Dazzling Capsuleers,

The huge visual update to EVE Online – Bring Out EVE’s Colors – is now live as part of the Foundation Quadrant! This update represents another step in the ongoing commitment to investing in exciting technology, setting EVE up strongly for its third decade, and ensuring that New Eden continues to set the standard as a visually stunning universe. Thank you to all Capsuleers who helped test these new graphical features on the Singularity test server and for providing valuable feedback.

At a high level of graphical performance, every activity in space and every visual interaction will be affected by this graphical update, as well as all ships, citadels, planetary bodies, and more. You will now see more of how the colors of EVE Online and New Eden were intended to look than ever before.

The visual update includes:

  • Shader adjustments
  • New lighting changes
  • The colors of New Eden becoming brighter and deeper
  • Gradients smoothing out and highlights being better represented

There is now more realistic representation of the interaction of light with objects and how it is perceived. This has led to more accurate display of roughness and reflectivity on object surfaces such as ships and asteroids, for example, making differences in texture stand out. The darkness of space and the brightness of your ship or nearby celestial bodies will regularly appear more distinct.

With visual changes of this magnitude, you won’t be able to resist undocking and seeking out the stunning wonders of New Eden, or even just re-visiting your favourite spots in space and comparing current screenshots to your older images! Due to that scope, there will still be elements that require adjustment and change in future updates, so your feedback is still valued and welcomed!

This commitment to setting up EVE for its third decade has seen new foundations to the core visual technology of EVE being laid over the past few years in preparation for both the deprecation of DirectX 9, as well as an eventual move to DirectX 12. As part of this journey, this update delivers further developments that will make the overall transition to DirectX 12 smoother.