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Brutor Tribe expresses support for Khumaak – new proposal detailed

2004-03-11 - By Svarthol

At a Tribal Council session yesterday afternoon Wkumi Pol, head of the Brutor Tribe, announced that after much deliberation the tribe has decided to put all their weight behind supporting the Khumaak’s cause. Citing in his statement “our devoted brethren’s tireless advocacy of the traditions so dear to us and the callous response their commitment has garnered from members of the ruling class” as the main reasons for the decision, Pol then went on to detail a proposal for compromise, a fifteen-page document that has reportedly had top Brutor officials working day and night for the last week to formulate and finalize.

The Brutor proposal calls for the Khumaak to be kept on the official list of sanctioned Minmatar state, military and fleet apparel while detailing an exhaustive list of exceptional circumstances in which the weapon can not be openly displayed, including among other things official Amarr diplomatic gatherings and trans-empire summits. Many have pointed out that the proposal’s wording never explicitly states that the weapon must be absent from said gatherings -- merely that it must not be openly displayed. This has prompted voices of criticism from within both the Sebiestor and Krusual tribes; according to Sebiestor council member Atuor Turvan, the proposal is “too mealy-mouthed to be taken seriously by any legislative body.”

Turvan’s outspokenness on the issue does not, however, seem to be shared by many of his tribe’s leaders. Most notably, PM Karin Midular, Sebiestor’s tribal head, has opted to remain virtually silent on the issue until a thorough evaluation of the proposal at hand has been completed. Analysts are interpreting this as a watershed moment in the debate; for the first time since the initial ban motion was put forth, both sides have ceased screaming at each other long enough to take stock of the current situation, and hopes are high that the Brutors’ increased involvement is the first step towards a possible amicable solution in what has been one of the most fiery debates in Minmatar political history.