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Caldari Private Police Forces Lock Horns in Lonetrek

2004-07-15 - By Svarthol

Yesterday afternoon saw warning shots fired between vessels from the Ishukone and Kaalakiota corporations' private police forces, the Ishukone Watch and the Home Guard.

Reports indicate that at just after 16:00 EVT, a contingent of Ishukone Watch ships appeared near Kaalakiota HQ in Nonni. Failing to respond to hails on open frequencies, Watch forces proceeded to initiate long-range scans of the area, in response to which Home Guard battleships and Kaalakiota sentry guns fired warning shots, ordering them out of the system.

Niteloho Koirolen, Kaalakiota spokesman, called the altercation "a direct result of the unannounced and unexpected presence of an Ishukone Watch squadron in close proximity to Kaalakiota holdings."

"There are mutually agreed-upon private zones into which corporation police forces don't cross. The Ishukone Watch know this as well as we do. We are currently in discussion with the Ishukone Corporation as to the nature of these transgressions, and we sincerely hope this can be resolved without further incident," said Koirolen.

Ishukone representatives were unavailable for comment.