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Calling All CEOs - EVE Online: Ascension & Corp Standings

2016-11-11 - By CCP Falcon

With the arrival of EVE Online Ascension, we will be making some changes to our billing and account status system that changes how we handle EVE Online accounts.

One change we will be making is that from the deployment of Ascension, there will be no expired state associated with EVE Online accounts, as all accounts will be considered active after the expansion goes live.

Before the release of EVE Online: Ascension, characters on expired or otherwise disabled accounts were not counted when calculating corporation standings towards other entities in EVE, however once Ascension is deployed this will no longer be the case.

This means that your corp standings may change if you have characters in your corporation that are on expired accounts once Ascension is deployed, so be sure to check that your corporation won't be adversely affected if you have a lot of inactive members in your ranks.

You can find more information and discuss this announcement in this forum thread by CCP Rise.