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Calling All Podcasters!

2011-05-04 - By CCP Fallout

Hello Capsuleers!

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I’ve been working on a wee project: a new podcast. I’ve been fairly mum about the nature of this podcast, but I am prepared to tell you today exactly what that project is, and how you can help.

Have a listen…

| Time: 00:01:16 | Direct download

Now, I know some of you have a few questions, and I’d like to answer them in this blog:

  • Yes, I am a female. It’s okay to be shocked. I usually am about it, too.
  • Yes, this podcast is a recapitulation of amazing moments from amazing podcasts created by EVE Online players.
  • Yes, I’d love to hear from podcasters and podcast listeners.
  • Yes, I really would love to have 15 second-long recruitment audio clips.

If you are a podcaster, podcast listener, or are recruiting, send me an email at For those of you who are notifying me about podcasts, I’ll need the following information:

  • The name and URL of the podcast.
  • The specific time of the clip you would like me to review. If there are multiple segments, be sure to include that information as well.
  • Any other information you’d like me to be aware of is welcomed as well.

If you would like to send a recruitment advertisement:

  • Use the mp3 format only.
  • You can email me the file, but be advised that it’s much, much better to have it hosted somewhere that I can download from.
  • Please, no huge files. Bandwidth hogs are bandwidth hogs, and if I have to lessen the quality of your clip to make sure the podcast isn’t a behemoth, your clip might sound like tinny poo.

We aim to do the podcast once a month, so I will make periodic calls for content from podcasters, fans, and recruiters.

Some other random information of interest to you concerning the podcast:

  • You will be able to subscribe from iTunes once the podcast has been released and after iTunes approves it for inclusion in its directory.
  • An RSS feed will be made available for you to subscribe to once the first official podcast has been published.
  • I’m using Audacity to record and edit the podcast, and a Samson C01U USB condenser mic.

I’m definitely looking forward to listening, and hope you are looking forward to the new podcast as well.

Fly safely, and keep your ears open!