Capsuleer Day XXI is Coming | EVE Online

Capsuleer Day XXI is Coming

2024-04-16 - By EVE Online Team

Investigative capsuleers,

From 30 April to 30 May we will celebrate 21 years of EVE Online with an action-packed, month-long Capsuleer Day event, promising untold treasures. The Society of Conscious Thought has recently detected massive energy discharges emanating from the depths of Abyssal Deadspace. In response, they are calling out to the bold pilots daring enough to confront the abyssal unknown: venture into newly surfaced collapsed conduits across known and wormhole space, where peril and profit go hand in hand.


For the entire month of May, New Eden will be brimming with exciting adventures. Log in daily for exclusive SKINs, boosters, and a trove of Skill Points. Engage in a spectrum of seasonal challenges—combat, exploration, hacking, manufacturing, and market trading—to accrue points for even more unique and lucrative rewards. Beyond this bounty, Omega pilots gain access to further riches: over 650,000 Skill Points, 26,500 EverMarks, and coveted SOCT ship hulls, among others. Omega status unlocks the full depth of the Capsuleer Day event’s offerings, enhancing your capabilities and ensuring the richest haul of rewards from the abyss.

Mark your calendar, prep your ships, and get ready to brave the abyss from 30 April. Upgrade to Omega to make sure you don’t miss out on abyssal adventures and the rewards that await the bold.