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Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

2012-01-27 - By Svarthol

YC 113.08.01 - YC 113.08.31

August saw a large number of the alliances that make up the Drone Region Forces (DRF) coalition launch an assault on the Against All Authorities (AAA) alliance homeland of Catch. The key systems of HED-GP and GE-8JV have fallen to the DRF, with fighting causing a colossal 19,420 capsuleer vessels and structures to be destroyed by other capsuleers in Catch this month.

This level of fighting is the highest seen in the Catch region since CONCORD records began in late YC109, even though Catch is one of the most actively hostile regions in new eden with over nine thousand losses per month on average. Of the 19,420 losses, 2,329 were battleships, 1,429 were battlecruisers and 6,701 were capsules, creating what was certainly a profitable month for the cloning industry.

This new conflict has drawn some focus away from the ongoing fighting in Delve, which again saw some fierce fighting. This high level of conflict has now lasted for three months and resulted in 13,446 capsuleer losses this month. Whilst lower than the last two months this is still more than double the historical average of around 6,000. The main participants were again the Morsus Mihi and Brick Squad alliances, though the Evoke alliance has also joined the conflict, destroying 2,632 ships for 1,327 losses this month in Delve.

Many systems within EVE are notoriously dangerous, so this month CONCORD has decided to release information on which null security systems have seen the largest numbers of losses since January of YC110. The top five systems were as follows:











All of these systems share their position as being a null security entry point from empire space, acting as a choke point which capsuleers have to move through in order to get to less hostile areas of lawless space. The largest chokepoints of the north and south, EC-P8R and HED-GP were surprisingly only separated by eleven ship losses.

Statistics for August:
Supercapitals destroyed: 3 titans, 10 supercarriers
Supercapitals built: 23 titans, 125 supercarriers
Outposts built: 10