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Capsuleers React To Slave Emancipation Part II

2009-02-13 - By Svarthol

Amarr, Domain - It has been several weeks since the historic announcement by the Amarr throne that has emancipated countless numbers of slaves across the Empire, and it has already attracted some controversy inside the Empire itself, as well as among the Capsuleer community.

In addition to the interviews of capsuleers previously reported, Caldari and Gallente capsuleers have also weighed in with their opinions.

The Caldari State has had it's own interests in the recent slave emancipation by Empress Jamyl Sarum. The Caldari Providence Directorate announced its intentions to offer access to training for the recently emancipated slaves, and it has been hoped by many capsuleers that this will improve Amarr-Caldari relations in light of past tensions surrounding the issue of slavery.

Yuki Li, CEO of the Omerta Syndicate, a corporation fighting for the Caldari Militia in the Gallente-Caldari conflict, gave her opinions on the subject: "I think there's little doubt it'll strengthen the relationship between the State and the Empire. [we believe] it's at the very least a partial solution to a major cultural difference between ourselves and the Amarr." she stated, stressing that the former slaves would probably remain as Amarrian citizens: "It's possible she thought ahead far enough to plan the training and such that in turn benefits the Empire, but I'm speculating entirely... I wouldn't put it past the Empress to do it just to [expletive deleted] the Republic, really."

Gallente interests in Empire politics have no doubt increased after the attack on its border by Uriam Kador, and the subsequent Gallente counter-attack that crossed the Amarrian borders.

Andreus Ixiris, CEO of Mixed Metaphor, gave his opinions on the announcement: "The official stance is that it is 'good, but not enough'. Mixed Metaphor acknowledges the act as a step towards the humanitarianism and kindness that the Empire has always insisted it has, but...without other concessions it's merely a cynical political gesture.  These concessions would namely be a withdrawal of the 24th Imperial Crusade and the withdrawal of the reclaiming, and the right of all**** Minmatar slaves to self-determination." Explained Andreus, further stating his belief that all slaves regardless of race should have that right.

In addition to this, Andreus detailed what he personally believes is going to happen as a result of the Emancipation: "The Minmatar militias would have you believe that there'll be a 'mass exodus' of the 'newly free peoples' to the 'land of their true home', but I'm far less idealistic. Or deluded. I think the slaves will end up doing... well, roughly what they were doing before, except they'll be paid for it. They're ninth generation slaves - what connection do they have to their homeland? Only stories. Probably some of them don't even have that. All they've ever known is the Empire. As much as I hate to admit it they have more in common, culturally, with the Amarrians now than they have with the Minmatar. I have no doubt that these comments will make me unpopular with the capsuleer populace of both the Amarr and the Minmatar, and all I have to say to that is that they are my beliefs and I stand by them."

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