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Captured pilot triggers chain reaction of unusual measures

2005-03-10 - By Svarthol

Security in and around the station where the rogue Amarrian pilot was captured earlier this week has been shifted up to unprecedented levels in recent days. For the residents of Misaba, a system on the very fringes of Amarr space the change is abrupt and shocking.

Inside the station, an entire medical isolation section has been quarantined with guards being given shoot-to-kill orders for any civilians who approach. Externally it’s a whole different picture. Navy security all the way from Amarr to the Zoar and Sons station in Misaba has been heightened with priority jumping and docking schedules set aside for navy personnel.

No official report on the reasons behind the vast security measures has been given but rumours filtering down from various low ranking personnel involved, are telling stories of how when the pilot was removed unwillingly from his pod he broke into a psychotic rage. Reports go on to tell of savage injuries on the overwhelmed guards, with one particular guard suffering from multiple fractures of the right leg.

What is also unusual for low tech manufacturing stations is to have top priority visits from the navy headquarters, but this station is apparently having them in abundance. These surprise visits show no signs of slowing, with 3 convoys in the last 2 days alone docking at the station with no signs of leaving. Perhaps more shockingly most of the passengers undocking are science, rather than military personnel.

All this extra attention has drawn the attention of a great many people, but with the security so high, anyone with more than just a fleeting interest would be a fool to try and get closer.