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Castor Timeline

2004-08-20 - By CCP Oveur

Ladies and gents, the final Castor patch is about to be deployed. Shiva timeline coming up next week. The patch is scheduled for Tuesday the 31st of August. This is the timeline for the closure of the Castor branch:

Tuesday August 24th: Castor Patch Release Candidate built and deployed on Entropy
Wednesday August 25th: Sputnik used to reinforce Chaos and Chaos updated to the Shiva branch
Tuesday August 31st: The final Castor Patch is deployed to Tranquility. All development and bugfixing is now done in Shiva

After this, Entropy will be the only public test server running Castor, used for testing of the ships and other TL2 stuff that we'll deploy until Shiva and possible exploit/ubercritical fixes to Castor. Chaos will be closed to all but ISD personnel to begin with.

The Reign of Castor is about to end.