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Celebrate democracy!

2023-06-21 - By EVE Online Team

Proud capsuleers!

New Federation Day packs just dropped! With the Viridian expansion freshly launched, there has never been a better time to get Omega, or stock up on PLEX. The new packs, in honor of Gallente Federation Day, contain all the essentials for new pilots to boost their early journey through New Eden.

Featured in the packs are new Luminaire Rising SKINs, Omega time, PLEX, a cerebral accelerator to speed up your training, and Skill Points to get you into your dream ship faster. Remember, you can earn 10x more EverMarks with Omega for 10 days.

Included are:

  • Luminaire Ascending Pack

  • 10 days of Omega

  • 20 PLEX

  • 100,000 Skill Points

  • Basic 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

  • Catalyst Navy Issue and Maulus Luminaire Rising SKINs

Looking to add to your wealth and kick start your Tech II lancer dread training? Then grab the Luminaire Exalted Pack with brand-new Hubris, Nemesis, and more existing Luminaire Rising Navy SKINs.

  • Luminaire Exalted Pack

  • 400 PLEX

  • Standard 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator

  • 250,000 Skill Points

  • Catalyst Navy Issue, Maulus Navy Issue, Nemesis, Brutix Navy Issue, Megathron Navy Issue, and Hubris Luminaire Rising SKINs

Please note, each pack can only be purchased once per account.


Empire Rising Bundles: Get Yours Now!

Commemorate Gallente Federation Day with limited-time Empire Rising bundles! Each bundle combines Gallente-themed SKINs with ships from other empires, creating unique and eye-catching designs. This special collection features both new and old Luminaire Rising SKINs, but you must act fast as these exclusive bundles won't be around forever.

Available only at the New Eden Store for a limited time, don't miss your chance to show off your pride across all borders of New Eden!