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CEP Approves Stricter Controls on Quafe Holdings

2010-04-27 - By Svarthol

New Caldari - The Chief Executive Panel met again today to discuss the Caldari Providence Directorate's petition to revoke Quafe Company's corporate status. The panel concluded to postpone further consideration until a future, as yet unspecified, date, but a motion was approved to implement stricter auditing of Quafe operations within State borders.

Quafe Company is one of the largest corporations in New Eden and is allowed to operate in the State as a domestic company, subject to the same laws, regulations, and protections as Caldari corporations. The company has a history of cooperating with Caldari business regulations, and thus far no evidence of criminal intent has been presented.

Ikane Hadonei, a member of Wiyrkomi Corporation's CEP delegation, said, "Approving the petition's motion at this time seems like a misappropriation of resources. However, if Quafe does pose a problem, these additional audit measures will ensure we'll have adequate time to respond."

The House of Records has already begun implementing the new controls, but a spokesperson indicated the additional data would not "immediately paint a clearer picture" of the Gallente firm. Quafe officials, meanwhile, appear content with the decision. "We have no objections and would be happy to assist the State," Agencourt Ambrulle said, adding, "There is no question the audit will have a favorable outcome for Quafe."