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Chemal Tech collaboration raises suspicions.

2007-05-08 - By Svarthol

A recent meeting between Chemal Tech and Eifyr & Co. officials has raised suspicion in the wider interstellar community, sparking renewed concern and inviting a fresh round of conspiracy theories about the shady Krusual-backed Eifyr.

The meeting itself appeared innocuous enough on the surface; a small gathering of representatives discussing mutually beneficial research and development agreements – the likes of which happen all the time between the Federation and Republic. The Krusual tribe however, with its 22% shareholder control in Eifyr & Co. is no stranger to speculation, particularly the wild kind and particularly in recent months.

One major factor spurring the most recent bout of rumours has been the leak of a coded document belonging to Chemal Tech. The document clearly names the Republic Security Services alongside Chemal Tech and the Kalaakiota Corporation. Whilst it still has not been deciphered some two months later, the document nevertheless has implicated the Minmatar Republic in the recent high-profile defection of one of Kalaakiota’s leading researchers Hirento Autinen.

Many have now come to draw a link between the document and the most recent meetings, noting the string of coincidences. Suspicions were truly ignited however by a bulletin labelled “The Core”, posted on the underground networks by Tekkai Magha, a prominent government agitator and notorious conspiracy theorist. Various events trailing back over many months were all linked together into one overarching tale of corporate and national conspiracy, inciting more widespread suspicion and hysteria. An excerpt follows:

“It’s been happening for longer, but it starts to look really obvious around the time of Kassigainen. We have previously happy workers turning on their employers for no apparent reason. Someone has to have planted the seeds of discontent. Then, only a little later, who do we have but the RSS implicated in the Kalaakiota defection, and who is the majority shareholder of the RSS? Now, we have Eifyr. & Co. talking to Chemal Tech, the same Chemal Tech that poached one of Kalaakiota’s leading minds. Again, who is the majority shareholder in Eifyr? The answer to both questions is the Krusual tribe, they have had a controlling hand in two situations now, and they’re only the ones we know of. Their reputation is hardly some Matari cultural myth.”

The different response from involved parties to the bulletin has only further fuelled interest and speculation in the meetings. Federation officials claimed the riots and defections were “hardly a fire that needed stoking,” and pointed to both Autinen’s claims of corporate ruthlessness, and the destroyed Federation aid convoy. Caldari State officials simply refused to comment entirely. Most enigmatic however were the words of one Krusual tribe official who remarked only that the bulletin was “entertaining, but far too short.”

Work continues on the coded documents.