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Clarification Regarding Jump Clones & Standings

2015-07-28 - By CCP Falcon

As some eagle eyed capsuleers have noticed, during the deployment of the Aegis Sovereignty release on July 14th, changes were made to Tranquility that had an effect on the standings restriction that was in place for creating jump clones.

Before the release, minimum standings of +8.0 were required with an NPC corporation in order for a pilot to be able to install a jump clone in their stations. This is no longer the case, and capsuleers can freely create jump clones in whichever NPC station they choose to do so.

This was an unintended change that was a side effect of the release, however, after watching the reaction this change received from the community, we have decided that it will remain in place. This means that pilots will be able to continue to benefit from having no standings restriction on jump clone creation.

While we are aware that there are a number of specialist corporations who provide jump clone creation services that may be affected by this change, and we give them our most sincere thanks for their years of tireless service, we feel that the removal of the restriction has wide reaching benefits for pilots across the cluster.