Clarification Regarding Steam Users And API Access | EVE Online

Clarification Regarding Steam Users And API Access

2013-07-22 - By CCP Falcon

There has been some inaccurate information circulated and some misunderstanding in the last couple of weeks regarding access to the API for people who have purchased their accounts via Steam.

In several instances, information has been circulated that users who connect via Steam are unable to access the EVE Online API. This is incorrect. All subscribers to EVE can access the API in the normal manner by logging in with their steam credentials the same way that they would access the Account Management page.

We have requested that Valve remove the mention of this restriction from the EVE Online information page on Steam, as a we are aware that a lot of people rely on the API to be able to join corporations as well as track their skill training, mail and market orders when not logged in.

We would like to confirm that everyone who plays EVE Online has access to the API, and apologize for any inconvenience this miscommunication may have caused.