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Collector’s Edition – Ending Soon!

2023-08-28 - By EVE Online Team


If you haven’t yet ordered EVE’s 20th anniversary Collector’s Edition – produced in partnership with Limited Run Games – then you need to act fast! The Collector’s Edition is ONLY available by pre-order until 23:59 ET on 10 September and will not be on general sale anywhere.

Be sure to get your order in now so you don’t miss out on the exclusive contents, such as the exquisitely produced 8” Megathron ship model, adorable 6” Fedo plushie, an exclusive New Eden Soundtrack CD, EVE art print by Lloyd George, a blueprint poster, a lapel pin set, multiple DLC items, a signed certificate of authenticity, and more.

Limited Run Games are renowned for the craftsmanship and quality of their releases and the exclusive contents within. A number of the digital items included in the Collector’s Edition – specifically the SKINs -are also exclusive to the set, making EVE’s 20th anniversary feel like even more of a momentous occasion, beautifully encapsulated with this highly anticipated release.

Due to the cost of shipping, duties and taxes, for anyone who orders the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, a sum of PLEX will be gifted, based on the total extra cost incurred by the customer. Make sure you read all the details in the Collector’s Edition – Update article before ordering.