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Collector's Edition – Update

2023-07-20 - By EVE Online Team

Worldwide capsuleers,

Following the launch of pre-orders for the EVE 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition it came to our attention that not all denizens of New Eden were being treated equally due to shipping, duties and taxes of considerable variation being applied to orders.

Real world shipping, duties and taxes are simply a fact of life, and are sadly out of our control. We can, however, attempt to bring a degree of fairness to those who do show their support and make a purchase, and so this is exactly what we will do, through the gifting of PLEX.

For anyone who orders the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, a sum of PLEX will be gifted, based on the total extra cost incurred by the customer. Below is a table detailing the PLEX quantity that will be gifted:

Cost to customer above $174.99

Quantity of PLEX gifted

$0.01 - $10.00


$10.01 - $20.00


$20.01 - $30.00


$30.01 - $40.00


$40.01 - $50.00


$50.01 - $60.00


$60.01 - $70.00


$70.01 - $80.00


$80.01 - $90.00


$90.01 - $100.00


For clarity, this gift will apply to new orders placed, as well as all existing orders already placed.

Customers will be notified shortly after pre-orders close on 10 Sept 2023 as to how they can redeem their PLEX, and the PLEX distribution will coincide with the fulfilment of the Collector’s Edition.

We are hopeful that this will address some of the concerns we have received. Please also note that pre-orders for the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition close on 10 Sept 2023, after which there is no guarantee that this special item will be available for purchase. To secure your copy, make sure to pre-order before 10 Sept.

Fly safe,