Community Beat for 17 March | EVE Online

Community Beat for 17 March


Greetings Spacefriends!

New Eden is popping off with something happening in almost every corner of the universe! Direct Enlistment and the new Shadow War Campaign kicked off on Tuesday, amplifying activity in low-security space, a large-scale conflict between two large blocs is brewing up in Pure Blind, and, even High-Security space has had a share of fighting, where a renowned war-declaring alliance that lives there have lost multiple structures! But, let's get into some of the other things happening across the community.

The Captains Cup 6v6 player tournament kicks off this weekend!

The Captains Cup 6v6 PvP Tournament kicks off with the group stages this weekend from 16:45 onwards on CCP TV. With the option for match predictions being run in the chat too, you have the opportunity to win some swanky Galnet SKINs. This player-run, organized (by Jin'taan and his staff!) and commentated tournament pits teams of 6v6 against each other, where all the participants must pick from a limited range of ships in a short arena fight to decide who will play in the finals the following weekend. We saw a bundle of thrilling matches during the feeders broadcast, so we're excited to see what teams bring for the next two weekends!

EVE University Turns 19 years old!

There aren't many organizations out there that have the fortitude to reach a whopping 19 years, so hearing a group like Eve University had managed to reach this monumental milestone is an outstanding achievement!
It feels like there isn't a pilot in New Eden that EVE University hasn't had an impact on in some way in their life journey, be it joining their corporation, attending one of their public lectures, or their incredible Wiki. Their dedication and service to the community are commendable and we wish to offer a huge congratulations to them, well done!

Just dropping by to say hello!

Supercapitals and Titans in New Eden are sizeable investments and their arrival on a battlefield usually heralds that something big is about to go down. Their monumental size is matched only by their firepower, capable of inflicting colossal amounts of damage, but carry risk in that they are also slow and alone and isolated, often appearing as a tempting target to any organized group when spotted. So when we saw this video of the pilot "A Ragnarok" and "A Hel" scouting around for isolated targets of opportunity, destroying them rapidly, and going for a quick escape, we could only admire the daring! Well played!

Signal Cartel Leadership Change

Renowned Snowball Ninjas, Peaceful explorers, and Wormhole Rescue emergency service provider, Signal Cartel had a change of leadership recently. Johnny Splunk, one of the founders has stepped down and Katie Sae will be stepping into the Role as Alliance Executor and Diplomat, along with Aldar Roanaok who has been co-leading Signal Cartel as COO as well. We want to thank Johnny Splunk for everything he's done and the wonderful services that Signal Cartel has provided the community. Their credo of non-hostility has ensured the safe rescue of over 4300 pilots since 2017!

Did he say jump?

Flying around New Eden in a fleet, listening to the FC's instruction on comms is pretty common practice to any organized group. But the travel policy is something that can be unique to each alliance, corporation, and even friend group. So, now and then, we say to ourselves "The FC said jump on the next gate" when no such order is given and can sometimes result in some... unlikeable results. This video from the corporation "Melphalan" seemed to encapsulate that feeling perfectly!

Meta Shift - Video Competition

The Bringing Solo Back (BSB) Community is running a video Competition entitled "Meta Shift" which has some Alliance Tournament ships as well as some PLEX for the winners! If you're a budding solo or small gang PvP Pilot we'd recommend checking out their forum post on the competition!

Space Lord Comin' For Ya!

We love seeing the creative work that so many of you put together and parody song creations are always one that makes us laugh. When we heard this bop earlier in the week, we found ourselves humming the track and listening to it all over again, such great work!

That's it for this edition of the Community Beat, see you all in space soon!