Community Beat for 23 June | EVE Online

Community Beat for 23 June

2023-06-23 - By EVE Online Community Team

Welcome back Capsuleers to the latest Community Beat!

You have been exceptionally busy since the Viridian expansion! It has been a blast watching you check out the updated Marauders, SKIN your structures, dominate the Homefront Operation sites, set goals for corporations, and master the new Excel add-in. We want to celebrate your achievements and check out all the amazing stories you’ve generated, while looking forward to some events that you can still participate in.

Tranquility Trading Explosion!

The Tranquility Trading Tower has stood towering over the Jita gate in Perimeter since October 15, 2018. After Viridian, new policy dictated that XL structures could no longer be anchored in high-sec. Immediately following this announcement The Initiative declared their opposition to the structure and declared war. Shortly thereafter, the TTC - owners of the Tranquilty Trading Tower and other structures throughout high-sec – agreed to dissolve their long-standing agreement and began the process of unanchoring the structures. Before the unanchoring could complete, however, The Initiative, The Imperium, and dozens of other groups had made their intentions clear: the TTT would die!

Hollow MissesU was able to record a timelapse of the final timer – sped by 4500% for your viewing pleasure. Check out the explosions, fleet movements, and great cinematic shots they were able to capture.

Homefront Is Where The Heart Is

New additions in the Viridian expansion, the Homefront Operation sites aim to provide group content to New Eden. Learning how to fly a ship is daunting, but applying those skills into realistic situations is what these Homefront sites are all about. The Community Team were joined by CCP Havran – one of the members of the design team responsible for the Homefront sites – for a first look. Thankfully other players came to our aid to ensure we didn’t all die.

Interested in these sites but don’t have a group to join? Worry not, the EVE Community has you covered! Mifune Swordgod has created a dedicated Discord server, Homefront United, where players looking to join a group can be matched with one another, and those looking to hone their FC chops can find a squad to lead. Check it out!

Tournament Love

Sharks vs Bears is marking the one-year anniversary of their last PvP tournament with an epic 3v3 frigate tournament this July 8th. You could score a share of the billions of ISK in prizes, but you'll need to hurry – signups close on July 1st. Need a team? Try connecting with fellow pilots on the EVE Online Discord. We love seeing competitive play thrive in New Eden. And who knows? Maybe after this, you’ll get the itch to participate in the Alliance Tournament.

Alliance Tournament XIX – Egalitarian Explosions!

It’s finally here! Alliance Tournament XIX begins tomorrow at 17:00 UTC over on the CCP TV Twitch channel. A talented set of player casters from EVE_NT, combined with a few CCP personalities, will break down all the tournament action.

The Alliance Tournament Feeders - the preliminary rounds for the main event - will be unfolding across the next two weekends, where an array of 47 fierce teams will be whittled down to 28. These victors will then join the 4 directly invited teams in the main event, slated for this August.

Beyond the thrills of watching organized space combat, expertly refined doctrines, and top-quality piloting skill, viewers can earn rewards by either by just watching or making successful match predictions. Be sure to tune in – the first match will feature Goonswarm Federation and Snuffed Out, you don’t want to miss it!

EVE Creative - Don’t Let Your Memes Be Dreams

Looking to spruce up your corporation or alliance identity? The EVE Creative Discord is an amazing community of talented artists who can create stunning billboard ads, iconic logos, or just general amazing art for any EVE themed purposes.

We’ve recently re-opened player created billboard submissions to be featured in the game, you may have spotted a few new ones playing in stations or on gates. If you’d like to have your billboard featured, check out the criteria and process.

Partner Spotlight

The Kronos was recently buffed with a fifth mid, turning it from one of the least used Marauders into a veritable own machine. Many players know of iBeast, or “worstplayerever” as he calls himself on YouTube, but being a primarily Russian-speaking stream not everyone is an avid viewer. As it turns out, ‘dank frags’ are a universal language. Check out iBeast as he rampages through New Eden obliterating everything in his path with a unique Kronos fit.

If PvP is not your jam, Zaqq has you covered! Combining the buffs to the Kronos with the buffs to Large Railguns, Zaqq has updated his Kronos fit for PvE sites. Not only does he go through the fit, but we appreciate that Zaqq goes through his thought process as he fits the ship. Fitting ships in EVE is an artform, and adding to that skillset will always make a better pilot. Thanks, Zaqq! If we lose a ship – it’s totally on you (just kidding!).

That it for this weeks edition of the Community Beat. We know you’ll create some awesome stories and events in the next two weeks, and we’re looking forward to them.

Fly safe everyone!