Community Beat for 7 July | EVE Online

Community Beat for 7 July

2024-07-05 - By EVE Online Community Team

Welcome back, capsuleers, to a new edition of the Community Beat – your resource for fun stories that you’re creating across New Eden. In this edition, we look at community blogs, showcase what some of our creators have been up to, let you know about player meetups both in-game and out, and more!

Blog Life

Stories in New Eden come in many forms, from epic battles to solo adventures. What we love about New Eden’s rich blogging history is that they tend to put a spotlight on smaller stories that don’t get featured elsewhere. Take "The Ancient Gaming Noob," for example! In a blog that dates back to 2006, chronicling the interactions from the perspective of capsuleer Wilhelm Arcturus, we can look at EVE throughout the years.

Recently, he shared a story about Ser Fukalite, a pilot in New Eden who strove to unlock a mysterious ship-spinning secret – only to find there was none to be had! TAGN shares the story and takes a look back at the community's fascination with ‘ship spinning’ – a must-read!

Curious to see what New Eden looked like? Wilhelm also has an amazing collection of screenshots that he’s collected throughout his journey, dating back to 2008! His first post, a shot of the Wolf from 2008, is just downright iconic.

For a nice hit of nostalgia, or just to satiate your curiosity, check them out over at the EVEPics blog!

SRP Done Right!

Over on the EVE Online Fans Facebook page, Razer Maden shows how his CEO takes ship replacement to the next level!

We love seeing the diverse cultures from the various groups and corporations across New Eden. Anyone can link a KM in their bio, but commemorating them on a t-shirt? Sign us up!

Learning Skills to V!

Looking to learn a new skill or just mix up your in-game activities? Our EVE Partners are an incredible resource! Farming DED sites can be incredibly lucrative, and we’ve seen some guides with very diverse ships – oftentimes T3Ds. However, if you want to shake things up – and maybe just give yourself an excuse to fly something new – Zaqq has you covered! In his latest video, he takes a Skybreaker to its limits and shows you exactly how to utilize its unique weapon system to finish DED sites insanely fast!

Interested in mastering the markets? Then dive into "The Oz Report," where market master, EVE Partner and CSM member The Oz breaks down market trends and offers expert tips on mastering the EVE economy.

Don't miss these valuable resources to elevate your EVE experience!

Upcoming EVE Meetups!

Have you ever been to an EVE meetup? They’re a fantastic way to expand your social circle and just nerd out over EVE. Starting on August 8th, we welcome back EVE Poland! A fan-favorite event that’s sure to be better than ever.

In 2016, as an outcome of a few arguments, fleeting truces, lots of swear words, and expletives – all of which have strengthened our friendship – we brought to life “Let’s meet in Poland”: an annual meetup of dedicated EVE Online fans, widely known party people, singers, but also families, friends, and relatives. People we share smiles, climate, and the unique atmosphere of the EVE Online community with.

If you want to know more, head on over to the EVE Poland Discord server and check out their EVE Poland portal.


From t-shirts to ship spinning, every group has its own flair and Kitchen Sinkhole is no exception! To celebrate their 5th anniversary in-game, they’re inviting players far and wide to their home wormhole for an unforgettable party! Starting around 14:00 UTC, they will go live on Twitch with the route to their wormhole, J160941, where the celebration will go down.

If you’d like to know more about events like this, head on over to the EVE Online Discord and check out the #in-game-events channel!

Just About $500 Mystery Bounty!

Just About is all about recognizing and rewarding the amazing stories and content created by you, the EVE Online community. Whether you’re looking to share your knowledge by crafting guides, designing ship fits, or writing thrilling battle reports, there's an opportunity for you to share your work and earn rewards in the process. They have just announced their biggest bounty yet, open to all, for $500!

If you don’t want to get involved directly, you can watch the journey unfold over on Just About and learn about some capsuleer stories along the way!

That’s it for this edition of the Community Beat. We look forward to seeing what you get up to both in-space and out!