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CONCORD condones use of Transcranial Microcontrollers

2004-03-29 - By Svarthol

In the bi-weekly meeting of the CONCORD's Inner Circle, the highest authority within the organization, the use of Transcranial Microcontrollers in slaves was discussed by the representatives. Officials from the Khanid Kingdom explained how the chips were being employed and technicians from the Ishukone Corporation explained the science behind them. After a long and heated debate the conclusion was not to do anything for the time being. The Federal and Republic representatives denounced the chip use as inhumane and cited the story of Sansha's Nation as an example of the dangers such technology presented, while the Amarrians attacked the critics of slavery, scathingly calling them 'brainwashed puppies of a fraudulent governments, imposing their tyrannical will in the guise of human rights.' The Caldari echoed the criticism laid out by the Amarrians, urging the Federation to stop their intolerable practice of interference in domestic affairs of others under the pretext of 'social enlightenment'.

The Caldari furthermore mocked the governments of the Federation and the Republic by pointing out that nowhere was poverty more of a problem than in these nations, yet they insisted on having more socially benevolent systems than others. The decisive vote was cast by the Jovian representative, which raised some eyebrows as they usually tend to stay neutral in such matters. CONCORD will continue to monitor the situation closely, but will not interfere as long as the Dark Amarrians stick to their current usage of the chips..