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Concord defeated in Ignoitton Skirmish

2005-11-02 - By Svarthol

Concord forces have been put on alert after a daring attack on two Concord Officers by two extremely heavily armed Guristas pilots, one of them being infamous Lucash Helmatt.

A daring engagement took place in Ignoitton between the Concord forces and the two ‘Rattlesnake’ class battleships, resulting in one of the Concord Battleships succumbing to enemy fire, and causing Commander Plavers of Concord’s Special Forces division to retreat. It is well known that Lucash has crossed swords with Commander Plavers before, however until now this was with limited success.

It is rumoured that the Guristas attacked the Concord ships to obtain a valuable item they were carrying. This rumour is strengthened by this piece of communication, which was intercepted moments before Lucash and his wingman left the system: “We have what we came for; it is time for us to leave”. Even though Concord officials refused to comment on the ship’s contents prior to its destruction, sources within the agency revealed today that the bodies of certain terrorists were scheduled to be transported through the Caldari State on the day of question – including those of Mercurion Red and Bleak Scarab. Although it does not state the names of the pilots assigned to this mission it is possible that this was indeed the cargo of the doomed ship.

A Concord official however did put out a statement urging all pilots to be on the lookout for Lucash, describing him as an extremely dangerous and violent individual. Pilots are advised not to engage this Pirate single-handedly, but to contact a Concord official as soon as possible.