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CONCORD releases Core Complexion Technology

2007-11-26 - By Svarthol

Yulai - Following several days of intense argument behind closed doors, CONCORD has finally released information on the new ship design created by Core Complexion earlier this week. The ship design, a small frigate with advanced electronic warfare capabilities, has been under development by Core Complexion for some time. Utilizing advanced computer subroutines, the ships are capable of deploying electronic warfare and other non-weaponized anti-ship devices at a higher level than similarly sized ships.

Under Directive Alpha Gamma 12, CONCORD has released the plans for the computer subroutines to the other empires to purchase and adapt into their own ship designs. The companies that will acquire the plans will be determined by a bidding process, with the highest bidder in each empire gaining exclusive rights to the technology to be applied how they see fit. It is expected that each of the major development firms in the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, and Gallente Federation will put in bids on the technology, though there are no obvious favorites for the designs at this early stage.

Acquiescing to the pressure from these development firms, CONCORD has put a moratorium on production of any ship utilizing these designs until such a time as every empire has had time to develop their own hulls based off the technology. "It is the belief of a tribunal held by the CONCORD Assembly that Core Complexion had been purposely holding back a working prototype so that they would be able to have an early entry into the market. While not expressly forbidden by Directive Alpha Gamma 12, we feel that the actions of Core Complexion violates the intent of the directive. The company has been fined an undisclosed sum for their actions and has been forbidden from manufacturing and selling any ships until the other empires have gotten their fair chance to catch up."

Carthum Conglomerate, among others, has expressed their satisfaction with the decision. A Carthum spokesperson said, "It is reassuring that CONCORD still enforces the directive equally with every R&D company. While we are not implying that Core Complexion violated the directive, we were concerned with the amount of secrecy involved in the release."