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Contributor and EVE Media passes

2020-01-09 - By CCP Convict

There are only three months to go until Fanfest 2020 and we're calling upon those players who produce quality content for the EVE Online community to get in touch with us about complimentary passes for the event. We want to both reward the players who go the extra mile for their hard work and also make it easier for them to keep creating the content that the community loves.

This year there are two categories of complimentary pass available: Contributors and EVE Media.


A Contributor was previously referred to as a "Fansite" but that's something of an old fashioned term when you consider all of the different kinds of media that EVE Online players now produce content with. Contributors include but are not limited to:

  • Streamers & video makers
  • 3rd party tool developers (apps & websites)
  • Significant player gathering organizers
  • Bloggers

EVE Media

There is also a separate category for EVE Media. This category is for news sites and talk shows who regularly report about the happenings of EVE Online and is specifically for people who will be creating content while at Fanfest for their site - conducting interviews, filming segments, recording podcasts from the event and so on.

(If you're part of an EVE Online news organization but won't be actively working for it during your time at Fanfest, please apply for a Contributor pass instead.)

When evaluating requests for a Contributor or EVE Media pass we will be taking into account the volume, quality and frequency of content that has been published over the last 12 months. The Community Team at CCP has been allocated a limited number of passes and we need to make sure they go to the most prolific and dedicated creators.

A successful applicant will receive an event pass providing them entry to EVE Fanfest 2020 for all three days as well as access to the Party at the Top of the World on Saturday night. Tickets for any additional activities such as the pub crawl or charity dinner will still have to be purchased by the attendee.

If you have already purchased a ticket for Fanfest 2020 there is a spot on the form for you to add your Eventbrite order number so that we can refund a prior purchase if we deem that you are eligible for a Contributor or EVE Media pass instead.

You can access the form to apply for a Contributor or EVE Media pass here.

If you have any questions about the process just drop us a line at with Contributor Passes in the subject field.

See you at Fanfest!