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Corporations announce record annual earnings

2003-08-08 - By Svarthol

In recent weeks many of the largest corporations in EVE have held their annual shareholder meetings, where the report for last fiscal year have been published. All the major corporations increased their profit considerably last year and many had record earnings. This is the clearest indication yet of what many experts have been saying for some time now: that we're living in Golden Age of unequivocal progress and prosperity. Most people expect the economy to only get larger this next year, driven onwards by free inter-stellar trade. Much of the success is attributed to entrepreneurs in space expansion, which continue to fuel the industries of all the empires. Some skeptics have warned that the current economic growth may be a bubble waiting to burst, but these doomsday prophets and nay-sayers base their assumptions on very shaky foundations. The majority of experts agree that there is room for much expansion yet and point towards exciting new technology breakthroughs that are on the horizon as a good indicator of future prosperity.