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Council of Stellar Management: The results are in!

2008-05-21 - By CCP Xhagen

Meet the Delegates

This has been a wild ride so far, and we have just begun. The election results have now been confirmed and we’re pleased to introduce the first delegates for the new CSM:

Andrew CruseJade ConstantineUnited Kingdom2436
Niall DologhanHardinUnited Kingdom2393
Eva JobseAnkhesentapemkahNetherlands1551
Alexander KravitzBane GloriousUnited States1536
Sean ConoverDarius JOHNSONUnited States1268
Valentijn GeirnaertDierdra VaalNetherlands1059
Shayne SmartSerenity SteeleNetherlands965
Charlie EriksenLaVista VistaDenmark764
Alison WheelerInanna ZuniUnited Kingdom706

Andrew Cruse (Jade Constantine) is the Council’s chairman having received the highest number of votes. The first order of business for the Council will be to elect a vice-chairman, secretary and vice-secretary.

The following candidates were placed in seats 10 to 14 by number of votes received and will serve as alternate Council members:

Marcell Lбszlу TуthTusko HopkinsHungary689
Jeremy JankieOmber ZombieAustralia685
Shaun PilkingtonGritt PebbledasherUnited Kingdom659
Vasyl StyazhkinazzazellUkraine653
Karsten LiebscherLeandro SalazarGermany495

The First Meeting

The first meeting of the Council will be held in EVE next Saturday. Though the session is closed to the public, you can follow the progress and discussions on the CSM forum section where all meeting minutes will be made public.

The Council members will be flown to Iceland the weekend of June 19th to meet with CCP after having deliberated and prioritized topics raised by players. In contrast to the mirth and merriment of our annual Fanfest, the time will be used to lay the foundation upon which the CSM will grow and evolve. A full listing of election results may be viewed here.

Demographics and Statistics

There were 24,651 votes cast out of a pool of 222,422 eligible voters, amassing a turnout of 11.08%. Of the total votes cast, 869 voters (3.5%) chose to abstain.

The gender difference between voters closely follow the gender difference in the subscription base, with male voters being 97% and female voters being 3% of the total voting population compared to 95.4% versus 4.6% male – female ratio of the player base.

The average age of accounts voting is 1.77 years, meaning that most votes were cast by veteran players. 40% of the voting accounts are veterans of two years or more whilst those veterans constitute 29% of the eligible voters.

**Age in days****Frequency****Cumulative %**

The below information reveal interesting facts. It displays voters sorted by countries, percentage of votes originating from each country and the last column shows the total number of voters based on region.

**Country****Total voters****% of voters****% of voters based on region**
United States8.08732,81%9,41%
United Kingdom3.84615,60%11,91%

These numbers give us some food for thought. In studying real world voting trends in Germany and the UK, we see from public figures that voter participation in the German Federal elections of 2005 was higher than in the UK general election 2005; however, in the CSM election, the voter turn-out of German players was noticeably lower.

The distribution of subscribers by region and the voters’ distribution by region is more or less uniform with few exceptions, such as Poland holding 1.88% of the cast votes while being only 0.84% of the eligible voters; Germany and France both have a noticeably large faction of eligible voters, yet fewer than could be expected actually showed up in the booth.

**Country****% of voters****% of subscribers**
**_United States_**32,81%37.06%
**_United Kingdom_**15,60%13,92%

We want to thank all of the candidates who threw their hats into the ring and gave it their all. Watching the campaigns unfold was fascinating. We also appreciate those who supported the CSM by voting. There is no way of knowing where this will lead, but we’re all in it together and the promise of what we can accomplish together is astonishing.